Redcon1 RPG Supplement Review


    Redcon1 RPG is a powerful glucose disposal agent. This helps to utilise a higher amount of nutrients to be shuttled to the muscle where they are needed most.

    RPG stands for regulating and partition glucose which is a very fitting name and keeps in line with the blue-collar military theme.

    Insulin is one of the most powerful hormones and RPG has been formulated to help you take advantage of this.



          This compound helps to promote healthy Blood Glucose levels, allowing to keep it from getting too high or dropping to low. This is a great addition to the formula as it allow's to keep Blood Glucose levels at an optimal level, directly correlating to a higher utilization rate of glucose and fats.

            Gymnema Sylvestre Powder

              Gymnema Sylvestre Powder is another effective ingredient in helping to promote better regulation of blood glucose levels, ensuring that the production is on-point and being utilised within the body as efficiently as possible.

                Cinnamon Bark Extract

                  Cinnamon Bark Extract works very synergistically with a number of different compounds with the RPG formula, in that it allow's to increase your insulin sensitivity. This means that you can produce more insulin and therefore uptake more insulin, it also has the added benefit of better delivery to the area within the body where it is most effectively utilised.


                      very good for regulating blood glucose levels - help keep them at the optimal level - insulin very powerful hormone - maintain better blood glucose levels - shovel nutrients into the nutrient partitioning and not storing them as fats -

                      R-Alpha Liopodic Acid + R-Alpha Liopodic Acid Sodium

                        These 2 powerful compounds help to deal with insulin more effectively, this powerful antioxidant has been proven to promote benefits to the heart and overall health.
                        But the main benefit of these 2 compounds is to regulate insulin sensitivity, allowing the body to remain sensitive to insulin.
                        If your insulin sensitivity is decreasing, the store ingredients and nutrients cannot be used effectively and can promote increases in fat storages.

                          Banaba Leaf Extract

                            Banaba Leaf Extract plays a role in the transportation of glucose into the cell to ensure it can be utilised at the sites where it is can most beneficial for performance. This will allow it to be stored as either glucose or glycogen to increase the bodies capacity to perform and recover.

                              Paradoxine - Grains of Paradise

                                Paradoxine is actually a thermogenic compound, this effective ingredient will help to increase the consumers caloric output as well as providing the added benefit of some insulin interactors as well.

                                This compound is not a stimulant but can be considered a body-recomposition type agent to help as a nutrient metaboliser.

                                The consumption of Paradoxine will allow food to be broken down and turned into glucose and then used as energy or stored as glycogen.


                                    Redcon1 RPG is a clinically dosed muscle-building supplement which is going to have a number of benefits on insulin within the body.
                                    In the form of -

                                    - helping with the production of insulin
                                    - transportation of blood glucose
                                    - increase cell sensitivity
                                    - help control the blood glucose levels at the optimal level

                                    The dosages within RPG are excellent, in reference to the application RPG goes hand and hand with carbohydrates.

                                    The ideal time to take this is around you're workout, we want to be ensuring that we are consuming carbs around the workout also.
                                    With the recommended intake for Girls at least 25 grams of carbs and Guys 50 grams of carbs.

                                    The consumption of carbs will allow for an improvement of transportation of nutrients, this storage hormone is highly anti-catabolic - when your insulin is up, your cortisol is down.

                                    The carbohydrates can also be supplemented in the form of a carbohydrate supplement, Redcon1 - Cluster Bomb

                                    Another excellent benefit to this product is that the utilisation is quite long-lasting.
                                    We would recommend consuming RPG for at least a couple of months, this product is suitable for anyone who wants to build muscle, burn body fat and maximise recovery.

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