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Rule 1 R1 Casein is the latest in the protein line up from relatively new to Australia supplement brand Rule 1.

So far we've had the chance to try out their R1 Protein and Whey Blend. Both of these have been very impressive so the bar has been set very high.

Rule 1 have some seriously impressive flavour systems in their protein,great packaging and offer quite good value for money.

R1 Casein Ingredients

This is going to be a short review on the product formula is it contains only one nutrient source. This is a pure micellar casein protein powder. The only other ingredients include the flavours,sweeteners,thickeners and some lecithen to help it mix.

That's it. Literally on single ingredient which is you're looking for a good quality casein protein is exactly how it should be.

Micellar casein is seen as the premium source of casein on the market. Rule 1 haven;t cut any corners by adding in any cheaper nutrient sources,just premium micellar casein so you have the best possible protein powder.

Each serve packs 25gm protein,2gm carbohydrates and 1gm fat. This puts the product at 78% protein by weight which is very good for a casein.


This is where this protein powder really comes into its own. We tested this out by mixing one scoop in 500ml water without a blender ball to really see how it mixes.

Even like this is still mixes extremely well, by far the best I've seen a casein protein mix before.

The flavours were also very good. This comes in 2 sizes and has 4 flavours in both sizes.

If you've tried any of the other Rule 1 proteins the flavours are very similar and without doubt some of the better flavours on the market today.

Rule 1 R1 Casein Review

R1 casein had a lot to live up to having already tried the other lean protein in the range. That being said it performed very well.

It has a great profile and good value for money with a variety of sizes/flavours to choose from.

More importantly is actually mixes very well and tastes great. Casein proteins are notorious for mixing poorly but Rule 1 have done an amazing job with this.

If you're sick of chewing your casein shake before you go to bed, try this out and look forward to it every night.

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