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Rule 1 R1 Gain Mass Gainer Review

Rule 1 R1 Gain Review is a high-calorie lean mass gainer.

Rule 1 was founded by the same people who brought us the supplement giant Optimum Nutrition so you know these guys know or thing or two about making a mass gainer.

R1 Gain has designed to a clean mass gainer using higher quality nutrients.

Rul1 1 also has another higher-calorie mass gainer simply called lbs.

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Overall, R1 Gains is a super-comprehensive mass gainer, that we think is perfect for those who are looking to add some extra calories into their diet and bulk up.

R1 Gain Nutritional Breakdown

Each serve of R1 Gain is 2 scoops (142gm) and packs 50gm protein,75gm carbohydrates and 3gm fat.

This macronutrient breakdown makes it what we would refer to as a mid-range mass gainer. It will get in 530 calories which per serve which is a good amount for guys looking to build muscle size and pack on weight.

The carbohydrates in this product come from a blend of maltodextrin,organic rice bran and a patented carbohydrate called carb1. This carb1 is very interesting and very new to the market. It is a very minimal insulin response carbohydrate source derived from peas. This is very light on your digestive system and will help to minimise the ups and downs often associated with mass gainers.

Protein sources include whey protein isolate,whey protein concentrate and hydrolysed whey peptides. Being primarily WPI this makes R1 Gain quite fast digesting and also very low in fat.

Being mainly WPI and having easy to digest,low fibre carbohydrate sources this also doubles as a great post-workout shake. It has a great carb:protein ratio and has pretty much everything you need after training to promote growth & recovery.


So far everything in the protein line-up from Rule 1 has been very impressive. The bar was set high by the leaner proteins nad having carbohydrates we'd expect this to be just as good.

We weren't disappointed in the flavours on this product. Although only available in two flavours (chocolate & vanilla) they both mix very easily in water even without a blender ball.

Flavours were very true to the name and flavours were solid without being too sweet or over-powering which is quite common in mass gainers.

One thing I really appreciated about this lean mass gainer was that it has 2 scoops per serve. With 142gm per serve one single scoop is next to impossible to get into a shaker cup to mix it and you either spill it everywhere or have to guess how much you need by making a few partial scoops. This 2 scoop serve made it simple and easy to mix this up in a shaker which is mightn't seem like a big deal but very few companies do it.


All in all this is a very well put together product. The nutrient sources are of a very high quality and the macronutrient ratio makes this a simple and versatile product to use in your nutrition plan even including a serve post-workout.

Flavours were on point as with the rest of the Rule 1 range when you factor in the quality of the nutrient sources used I think it also provides quite good value for money.

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