Ryse is a new supplement company to hit the Australian Market and is already making a big splash with their comprehensive product range.

Ryse BCAA + EAA is as the name suggests, is a blend of branch chain amino acids & essential amino acids. This product can be tailored to your specific needs as an all day or intra-workout supplement product.

Ryse BCAA +EAA provides increase hydration, improved muscle recovery, decrease DOMS and produce's an overall better physical performance.

Ingredients -

Branched Chain Amino Acids 5000mg:

This ingredient is at the ratio of 2:1:1,

These essential compounds are the consumers most valuable asset when it comes to the building lean muscle, by improving muscle protein synthesis.

The dose of this product is great, we would recommend taking 1 1/4 scoops if you are a larger individual just to ensure that you are getting the appropriate dosage of L-Leucine.

Essential Amino Acid Blend 1450mg:

  • L-lysine hydrochloride,
  • l-threonine,
  • l-phenylalanine,
  • l-typtophan,
  • l-histidine
  • l-methionine

These ingredients are at the ideal ratio to fuel muscle recovery and repair, EAA's allow for the body to utilise nutrients more efficiently.

Increasing the rate of protein synthesis, which allows for increasing muscle growth and performance.

CocOganic™ Organic Coconut Water Powder 500mg:

This ingredient is a great addition to any intra-workout or refuelling supplement, as it incorporates natural electrolytes especially potassium.

This ingredient is even more beneficial in powdered form due to the minimisation of added calories, which may have negative effects on certain individuals results.

Coconut Water also has a number of extra micronutrients which can be used to help refuel the body.


This product comes in 2 flavours - Cherry Limeade - Tropical Snow Cone
The powder is exceptionally fine and looks and is rich in very high-quality ingredients, which shows why the product has such a great mix-ability.
Initial cherry hit with a nice tart with a strong lime aftertaste, with a nice balance of both tastes. Both flavours are very refreshing with the Tropical Snow Cone flavour being relatable to a candy sherbet flavour.


This costs $59.95 and has 30 serves making it $1.99/serve.

Value is on point when you take into account quality and source of the ingredient, with this product being a standout in relation to other intra-workout type products in today's market.

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