Myoblox Rubix Review


Myoblox Rubix is an ultra-premium non-stimulant based fat burner that will heat you up like no other product can. This weight loss supplement has an outstanding formula with a wide range of mood enhancement and fat metabolising compounds to help you shred those extra stubborn pounds.


    Microcarn - 1500mg

    This ingredient is a powerful fat metaboliser which is going to help transport fatty acids into the mitochondria and allow them to be burned as an energy source.

    The dosage in Rubix is great but could be taken as 1 or 2 scoops to really boost up the effectiveness.

    L-Carnitine is a real staple when it comes to fat burning supplementation.

    Pyro Matrix
    Capsimax (Capsicum Fruit Extract) 20mg

    Capsimax is a Myoblox patterned and trademarked ingredient with an exceptional ability to increase the consumers metabolic rate.

    This ingredient is derived from a chill capsicum extract which allows for a little spice in the mouth, which will leave a peppery sort of aftertaste.

    This new innovative ingredient provide's a thermogenic effect on your metabolism, which leads to an increased ability to burn calories and utilise the fat as a calorie source.

      Paradoxine - 20mg

      This is another innovative compound which is very well used by Myoblox, it promotes the breakdown of brown fat which stimulates thermogenesis.

      This will lead to an increasement in your caloric expenditure, this ingredient is going to help your body to be more efficient when wasting calories and making it more efficient when oxidising.

        Lean GBB - 20mg

        Lean GBB is an L-Carnitine pre-cursor, so it helps with the bodies production of L-Carnitine.

        This will work very synergistically with the Micracarn to create a greater effect, studies and data on the GBB show that it outputs up to 40% more.


          Myoblox Rubix comes in 2 flavours - Mango Chamoy and Pepino Limon.

          In relation to the taste of the Mango Chamoy, it provides a nice hit of mango with a slight savoury spiced fruit hit towards the end.
            The flavour is delicious but is very unique, you do also notice a little bit of a burning sensation from the Capsimax.


            Rubix is definitely not a fat burner for the faint hearted, you can really feel your body warming up.

            This extreme non-stimulant fat burning supplement is going to allow yourself to perform.

            If you're wanting a fat burner to get you sweating, Rubix is a definite must try.

            Value for money

            Myoblox Rubix is $69.95 for 50 serves, making it $1.40 per serve, it's a bit cheaper than your standard fat burning supplement but with the added benefit of some extra scoops.

            This very impressive non-stimulant fat burning supplement can be stacked with pretty much anything and can be taken a few times a day.
            Rubix can be taken it in the morning or in coordination with a pre-workout or a stimulant based fat burner.

            Rubix is a very intelligent product, which is attacking each aspect of the capacity to burn fat from all angles.

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