Steel Supplements - Charged AF Review


This is a new and exclusive formula, just for the Australian market we have been working directly with Jason Hunt and the crew from Steel Supplements to co-formulate and get you the best product possible for Australia and New Zealand.


L-Citrulline - 4g

This is pure L-Citrulline with a very high dose, L-Citrulline helps to oxygenate the blood cells and helps to provide a better muscular endurance allowing the consumer to push yourself harder for longer.

With the added benefit of creating awesome muscle pumps with no gastric upset.

Beta-Alanine - 3.2g

Beta- Alanine buffers the build-up of hydrogen ions with the most commonly known being the lactic acid, which creates that burning to feel you can feel muscles start to hit the performance threshold.

That is lactic acid, well that's the marker of fatigue so it's stopping yourself from performing further so you can't damage your muscle.

Consuming the clinical dose of Beta-Alanine allows you to push that threshold higher than where it would normally be.

would be and in combination with L-Citrulline is a fantastic combination. So you've got an increased capacity in terms of the ability to work harder with the L-Citrulline and the ability to increase the lactic threshold with the Beta-Alanine so they have a really synergistic effect.

Betaine Anhydrous - 2.5g

Betaine Anhydrous helps to increase muscle power, which directly works to create the production of ATP and Creatine which is going to promote an increase in strength. This will allow the consumer to lift more weights and do more reps.

Energy/Focus Blend

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine - 500mg

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is a concentrated and effective ingredient to improve mental focus and provide consumers with the zone and gets you very channelled in with what you are doing.

Helps you think a little bit more clearly and especially when you're having a higher stimulant, sometimes the focus can get a bit scattered and this helps to zone you in and channel some of that energy.

Eria Jarensis

This is a really great herbed based stimulant, which helps to increase your sense of well-being, alertness and help to improve overall performance
When consuming this compound you feel really great with a euphoric sense of energy, allowing yourself to improve your work-rate capacity.
It's typically seen in pre-workouts and also fat burners as well but the dose in here is excellent.
Great dose and very effective compound.

Caffeine Anhydrous and Di-Caffeine Malate

Caffeine Anhydrous is known as the fast-acting caffeine.
Caffeine Anhydrous hits you very quickly. After consuming this form of creatine within 10-15 minutes you'll notice an increase in smooth clean energy.

Di-Caffeine Malate takes 30-90 minutes to for it displays any symptoms.
The collaboration between Caffeine Anhydrous and Di-Caffeine will allow the consumer to push themselves harder for longer.

Di-Caffeine Malate will kick in and result in a gradual step back down to your normal self from the peak in energy levels.
The total caffeine amount that you yield out of this is just over 300mg.
So a clinical dose of caffeine is anywhere from 150mg to 400mg, this is at the higher end of that scale.


Orceline is an adaptogenic herb, so it helps your body to adapt to stresses of exercise and also helps to adapt to stresses from toxins or stimulants.
This will allow your body to be more efficient at exercising.

As the aim of the exercise is to create adaption, then this is a great addition to the formula.

L- Theanine

L-Theanine helps to improve mental focus and mental liquidity, so when you get to the gym you are switched on and ready to go.
It also has the added benefit of a calming agent, to help reduce the risk of overstimulation.

Halostachine and Higenamine

Halostachine is not used typically, its a very potent stimulant but also very effective.
This compound specifically creates an increase in alertness and sense of wellbeing.

Consumers have noted an improvement in spatial awareness.
Very concentrated so there is a reduction in the time of the bodies ability to build up a tolerance.

Higenamine, on the other hand, is actually a type of relaxant, so you've got a nice sort of fire and ice combination to help get you alert and mentally ready to go.
So one helps with mental and Central Nervous System stimulation and the other one is helping with the Peripheral Nervous System.

Huperzine A1%

This Nootropic is utilised as a study aid, it helps with increasing mental cognition. This compound allows for an improved ability to concentrate and think more clearly.


Charged AF provides an amazing performance and energy blend, great blend of stimulants of nootropics of mental focus agents, nootropics to promote clearer thinking.
A very comprehensive blend of stimulants that are comprehensive and complimentary allowing all necessary benefits such as energy, performance, pumps, power, endurance to be present.


Steel Supplements Charged AF comes in 2 flavours in the form of Aussie AF Orange Mango, Blueberry Lemonade.

Charged AF mixes particularly well considering the quantity of Betaine within the blend.
In reference to Orange Mango, the flavour is great, 7-8 out of 10 with a slight bitterness as you would expect from the L-Citrulline.
A definite massive upgrade from the US version flavour systems.

Value for Money

Steel Supplements Charged AF is available at $69.95 for 30 serves.
In reference to the value for money, this is a very comprehensive high stimulant pre-workout offering all essential benefits -

  • Muscular Endurance
  • Increased Mental Focus
  • Improved Nutrient Delivery & Utilisation
  • Increased Hydrated
  • Increased Performance Threshold
  • Increased Vasodilation
  • Clean Hard-Hitting Energy Source
With this extensive list of benefits, it show's just how well the ingredients are sourced and to the quality of the ingredients that are included into the formula.

If you after a high-quality supplement, that is going to allow yourself to consistently hit a very high standard of performance then we would definitely recommend consuming this product.

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