Top 5 Pre Workout Supplements

Ok-we get hit up A LOT about what we think is the ‘best’ pre-workout so we’re going to break it down for you to make it nice and easy. We are not claiming these to be the absolute best in the world or top sellers just what we feel are the top 5 in category and would recommend you to try.

This is what we feel are the best pre-workouts in no particular order that we personally like and will reach for before heading to the gym.

#1- Redcon1 Total War:

Redcon1 Total War is Australia’s most popular pre-workout and for good reason. Total War provides consistently good workouts with great energy, mental focus for days, fantastic pumps and zero post-workout crash. The kicker on this one is the consistency. Unlike many other products, this will give you a 10/10 workout every time you use which means 30 scoops will give you 30 workouts and not many products can say that.

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#2 Myoblox Loco:

This a very high demand pre-workout with it selling out quickly every time, with great energy, insane focus and some very genuine thick pumps. What is a standout tho is the flavour, which was absolutely delicious.
Not as high stimulant as certain products such as total war or psychotic but a much cleaner source of energy. This is one very impressive product which we have no doubt you’ll love.

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#3 Steel Supplements Charged AF

This is one highly comprehensive pre-workout formula, with everything you need to be performing at your best. With excellent value for money providing everything from clean energy, improvements in muscular endurance and muscular power! This particular product has had massive improvements to the flavour systems, which is easily noticed by how delicious it is.

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#4 Insane Labz I Am God

The brother of the already notorious high-stimulant pre-workout Psychotic, this is a more comprehensive blend full of highly effective ingredients to aid muscular power, muscular endurance and pumps. With the release of new flavours, this has made this particular product a fan favourite.

This particular product is still a high stimulant pre-workout so we would recommend only starting off with half a scoop, but be sure it's still going to pack a punch.

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#5 Core Fury X

Is an updated version of the already well known Core Fury Pre Workout, but with the branding and the alteration to it's already existing status. It's slotted in very quickly into the Top 5 Pre Workouts, with an excellent release of clean energy, quality doses of well-known ingredients to take your training to the next level. Improved muscular endurance and power and also great nutrients delivery for an excellent pump.

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