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Here at we are big fans of UPS as a brand-they have built a reputation as a great Australia brand who produce only the best quality supplements for their customers.

Iso 85 is no exception to that statement with this being the top selling product in the range-and once you try it you’ll know exactly why.

Iso 85+ Product Formula:

UPS uses a combination of whey protein isolate and hydrolysed whey protein isolate for this product. This makes this the perfect choice for post-workout and one of our personal favourites. The formula will provide the fastest digesting complete protein source possible along with high quality whey protein isolate for the best possible recovery formula all in one product.

This was designed for use throughout the day and post-workout and fits the bill perfectly. You could also add carb powder to this for you post-workout shake if desired. If looking to pack on muscle size and strength we would recommend this to enhance the effect of this protein.

This product is also very clean and filtered making it ultra low in both carbohydrates and lactose making it suitable for those with with more sensitive stomachs.

Iso 85+ Mixability:

Whey protein isolates aren’t known for having the best mixability-but this is not the case with Iso 85+. Mixes with absolute ease-light and fluffy and disperses with just a light shake.

The product also has the same effect once consumed-nice and light on the stomach which is important for faster digestion especially when you don’t have a big appetite after a hard workout.

Iso 85+ Taste:

If you have ever tried a UPS product you know they don’t mess about when it comes to flavours. Iso 85 would have to be one of, if not the best tasting WPI on the market. The flavour is strong without being over powering and you’ll be looking forward to each and every workout just to have this after it.

The range is also excellent being available in: belgian chocolate,banana twist,peppermint twirl (think choc mint),honeycomb buzz and the latest addition chic peanut butter.

Two sizes and 5 flavours make it very easy to find something to suit for just about anyone.

Iso 85+ Value for Money:

This product comes in two sizes-1kg and 3kg. To cover value for money we’re going to use the 3kg size as an example. This has 100 scoops in a tub making it $1.49/serve. If you factor in the range of flavours and quality of the formula this product packs some amazing value for money. Compare it to similar products on the market and you will see this is one fine product.

Iso 85+ Overall Rating: 9/10

The product formula is fantastic,the source of the ingredients is great,it mixes and taste very well and the value is probably the best on the market. You’d be hard pressed to find a better protein choice post workout.

If you are looking for a fantastic protein choice we’d highly recommend check out this product from UPS: Buy Iso 85 here

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