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BPM Labs

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They produce a wide range of amino acid based supplements and energy products.
They have built a reputation for making some seriously strong and effective supplements.
Their pre-workout supplement, The One, has achieved almost cult-like status. Hard hitting energy and focus. This product range is for users who demand the most from their bodies. The products have been developed with maximum effect in mind. You will feel them going to work on your very first serve.
BPM Labs work hard to bring you cutting edge ingredients and are continually testing new ingredients.
You’ll find their product range has recently had a complete overhaul with all new flavour systems throughout.

With a range of fat burners,test boosters,estrogen blockers and amino acids BPM Labs have something for just about everyone.
Their researchers are constantly searching for the most effective ingredients. This means you get the best for your training and recovery.

If you're looking for a great high energy pre-workout then check out The One 2.0. Fast paced and hard hitting to get your primed for even the toughest workouts.

You'll also find fat burners such as Annihilate,Liporush and Miss BPM Lipofemme to get you into shape.

For recovery you The Key and to help ensure you get a great nights sleep try The Delta Zone before going to bed.

BPM Labs have a wide array of products to take your workout performance to the next level.


Because we care. Like you we love to lift and training is a passion for us. Our mission statement is simple-help more people reach their goals.
With that in mind our friendly team are here to help whenever you need it.
Need some help?
Call,email, or contact us via social media and we’ll be more than happy to help you out. We're here to help whenever you need and would love to help you achieve your health & fitness goals.