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Product Dated: 03/20

What Is Kaged Muscle Hydra Charge?

Kaged Muscle Hydra Charge is your number 1 product to defend against dehydration & promote general health from Kris Gethin.

Kaged Muscle has become infamous in recent times due to their un-rivalled transparency with their products & using only the absolute highest quality ingredients.

Hydra Charge is not your standard intra workout style of supplement. This has been specifically designed to be utilised pre, during, post workout or any other time during the day.

Each 4.7g serve of Kaged Muscle Hydra Charge contains:

  • Taurine 1g - The amino acid Taurine helps with neurological development, along with regulating water & mineral salts in the blood. Taurine has also been shown by science to play a significant role when it comes to producing muscular strength and power, so maintaining adequate levels is vital to continue performing at your peak.
  • Spectra 100mg - Spectra is a unique blend of fruit, vegetables & herbs that are highly concentrated to improve various physiological actions in the human body. Spectra is naturally high in anti oxidants that help to combat the devastating effects of free radicals in the body. Spectra has also been shown to increase oxygen uptake at the muscles to lead to significantly better performance.
  • Coconut Water Powder 500mg - Naturally high in electrolytes to increase hydration and performance. Will also aid with endurance and prevention of muscular fatigue.

As you can see, Hydra Charge by Kaged Muscle is a simple, yet effective nutritional supplement to improve not only physical performance, but also general health.

See those "super smoothies" that "health gurus" promote? Hydra Charge contains all of those compounds + more with the use of Spectra and is significantly cheaper and less time intensive then creating something like that yourself. Spectra contains 29 different fruit & vegetables, can you imagine buying all those to create this?

This is 100% transparently labelled so you can see exactly what's inside every single serve of Kaged Muscle products. There is no hiding behind proprietary blends or under dosing ingredients.

Each tub of Kaged Muscle products are 3rd party tested so you can be rest assured you are only consuming the absolute highest quality & scientifically backed ingredients.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Proven performance boosters
  • Full clinical dosing of all ingredients
  • Great mental focus
  • Fast acting formula
  • Cutting edge ingredients


For best results mix 1 serve of Kaged Muscle Hydra Charge in 400ml water and consume when convenient


This product is $59.95 and packs 20 total serves making it $2.99/serve.


Complete your Kaged Muscle training stack with Pre-Kaged. This clinically dosed pre workout packs a punch and will have you smashing out your training sessions like no other.

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