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FKN Gym Wear

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FKN Gym Wear is an Australian owned and designed company. They keep things simple-fkn simple.
Their gym and street wear has quickly grown to be incredibly popular.

Their ‘say it like it is’ attitude has been received very well. They produce a wide variety os t-shirts,singlets,tanks,hoodies,zip ups and hats.
They also do a womens line of gym wear. This includes t shirts,singlets,tights,booty shorts and now a range of cut offs as well.

Soft wearing fabric makes these light and comfortable to wear in and out of the gym.

Training is a big part of our lines-so looking the part in the gym is a big deal. We all want to look and feel good when we train. That’s the whole reason we train. FKN shares that mindset and designs clothing made for lifters.

Fresh designs coming in every month means you have endless options and variety. FKN knows what Aussies like. Designed right here in Oz FKN is made for those live to lift.

Make a statement-get some FKN Gym Wear.


Because we care about your goals. Like you, we love to lift and enhance our lives with fitness. With this in mind we make sure if you order before 3pm-your order ships same day.
This means you get your order fast and can start putting it to use.
We also ship internationally from just $9.95. If you live anywhere on planet earth, we have you covered.

Need some help?
Sure thing! Give us a call,email or contact us via social media anytime. Our friendly support team are here to help you and make sure you have everything you need to crush your goals.

You can contact any of the stores and get some help with all things nutrition, training and supplementation.

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