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Hybrid Performance Nutrition

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Hybrid Performance Nutrition is a innovative supplement company based in California.

The brains behind this brand have also brought you other major supplement brands in the past and they know their stuff.
Hybrid Nutrition is a brand that stands behind their products. Everything is labelled clearly with exactly what is in them and you get truly effective dosing for great results.
Hybrids mission was to bring quality supplements while using clinical dosing throughout. Performance comes not only from great ingredients but also from the correct dosing.
Every Hybrid Performance Nutrition product uses transparent labelling so you can see exactly what’s in each product and in what dose.
Hybrid have nothing to hide and are very proud to share their cutting edge product formulations.

ACTV8 Shred quickly became one of the top selling fat burners in stores and online with hard hitting energy and mental focus. 

Hybrids intra-workout Aminoade has also received rave reviews with a comprehensive recovery formula and fantastic flavours.

The addition of ALCAR and Creatine HCL to the essentials range has made it more convenient than ever.

Another real standout of the Hybrid products is the flavours! These guys know how to nail flavours and every product tastes amazing. Flavours are very light and refreshing and you’ll be looking to taking them every time.
Hybrid Nutrition products also feature in a number of our supplement guide stacks which is testament to their quality.


Quite simply, because we care. Just like you we love to train and progress towards our goals. We also love to help you achieve your goals. Our friendly support team is on hand to help you whenever you need it. We offer personalised and honest advice so you get exactly what you need to reach your goals faster.
Every order from Hybrid Performance Nutrition also receives free postage Australia wide so you get your products fast.



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