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Iron Rebel Power Gear

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Iron Rebel Power Gear

The cornerstone of any great athlete or achievement are discipline,determination and a lot of hard work. This is the exact mindset behind this brand when creating the highest quality training accessories and fitness apparel on the market.

These have been designed and tested by some of the strongest people on the planet.

Truly a by lifters,for lifters brand this stems from director Edward Koo who has been very successful as both a bodybuilder and powerlifter.

Iron Rebel take pride in creating the highest quality products that also look good. Powerlifting has been stuck with some not-so-great looking products as appearance wasn't really taken into consideration.

Each piece of equipment is designed in house so you look good while pushing your body to the limit.

If you want the absolute best quality and style then this is the brand of training accessories you need. 

Performance knee sleeves,rhino wrist wraps,liftings straps and the finest fitness apparel.

Look the part wether you're hitting a high volume leg workout or going for a world record.

This is a company as committed to the iron lifestyle as you so you can rest assured you are buying a product that is not only used by the Iron Rebel Power Gear team but also by some of the best athletes in the world.

Before you buy any IR product search the reviews on the products to see thousands of testimonials on the quality and performance of the product range.

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