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Kaged Muscle Supplements was founded by industry superstar Kris Gethin.This is a man with a reputation for quality, honesty and a no BS approach to all things health & fitness. He assembled a world class team of scientists who share his passion for health. Together they are continually researching and evaluating to find the best possible information and deliver world class supplements and results. Kaged Muscle supplements are built on independent research and legitimate science. Everything is tested in house by Kris Gethin and then perfected in the lab so you get exactly what you paid for. The best supplements start with the best ingredients. Kris has traveled the world seeking the best possible raw, natural ingredients to be used in the product line. Every product in the range follows the three rules of formulation:

    • Efficacious: every ingredient is to be dosed at the proven, effective dose for best results
    • Safe: no banned substances and only the highest quality, batch tested ingredients
    • Science: if it doesn't have scientific backing to support the claims, you won't find it in a Kaged Muscle supplement

Every single batch of products is tested to ensure you are getting exactly what you pay for. When you buy any Kaged Muscle supplement, you can be assured you are getting a high-quality product that delivers results through effective doses of proven ingredients. As editor in chief of one of the biggest fitness websites on the planet as well as a contributor to many more, Kris' opinion is held in very high regard. His knowledge of training, nutrition and sports science has been developed through a blend of formal education, practiced training thousands of clients and applied to his own bodybuilding training. A mulit-title champion Kris Gethin is someone who practices what they preach when it comes to health, fitness & sports supplements.

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