Macro Mike Plant Protein Pudding

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Size: 480g
Flavour: Almond Delight
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Macro Mike Plant Protein Pudding

Plant Protein Pudding by Macro Mike is a creamy, delicious protein custard that is perfect to curb those hunger cravings. This is made from their revolutionary almond and faba protein sources, while also being naturally sweetened for a healthy macro treat at any time throughout the day.

Macro Mike also includes Coconut Milk Powder & Coconut Nectar to deliver a rich, creamy taste with a delicious sweetness.


  • 100% natural
  • Vegan friendly
  • No gritty or chalky texture
  • Australian made & owned
  • 22g+ of protein

Our Thoughts

Macro Mike Plant Protein Pudding is a real market leader when it comes to vegan snacks. The flavour is rich & creamy & has no chalky or gritty texture. Being dairy-free it digests very easily & is perfect for having anytime throughout the day.

If you are after a quality vegan protein that tastes as good as whey protein, then this is definitely the product for you.


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Note: Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

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