Gangsta Knee Wraps by Sling Shot

  • $99.95
  • $139.95

Sling Shot Gangsta Knee Wraps

- IPF approved (2m only)

- Greatly increased potential in max effort lifts

- Various lengths available (2m, 2.5m, 3m)

- Sold as a pair

What are Sling Shot Gangsta Knee Wraps?

Knee Wraps are the highest level of knee support a lifter can have. These are designed to provide support and rigidity at the knee joint to greatly increase 'rebound' out of the bottom of a squat. Therefore increasing your max effort potential.

Gangsta Knee Wraps are not for the faint hearted and should be worn by those who want the most intense knee wrap on the market.

Size Chart

The Sling Shot Gangsta Knee Wraps are a one size fits all. However the longer the wrap, the more revolutions you can get on your knee. More revolutions will increase the rigidity and tightness of the wrap. Be mindful that the 2m wrap is the only length IPF approved.

Who would benefit form these?

The Gangsta Knee Wraps are for those who prefer a solid casting. This allows for maximal stopping power, upwards redirection out of the hole and maximal support. These are ideal for high intensity lifters who are lifting at high percentages of their max and require the best knee stability money can buy

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