Power Wrist Wraps by Sling Shot

  • $84.95
  • $118.95

What are Sling Shot Power Wraps?

The Sling Shot Power Wraps have been designed to be a tough,but versatile wrist wrap.

The wrists take quite a beating are are used in just about every free weight or dumbell movement in the gym.

The power wraps are strong enough to support and keep you safe during your heaviest lifts.

They're also comfortable so you can wear them throughout the entire remainder of the workout.

The material used provides strong support when it your heaviest movements but flexible enough for great range of motion on your accessory lifts.

These are a level 2 elastic making them a slightly softer and more versatile training aid than the Gangsta Wraps.

20 inches (50gm) in length these are quick and easy to get on & off between sets.

Each wrap is sold as a pair and they feature an innovative thumb loop to secure your wraps in a number of different ways.

If you have smaller wrists these would be a better option than the Gangsta Wraps.

A simple,versatile and strong wrist wraps you can use for both compound and accessory lifts.

The power wraps are a true multi-purpose training wrap.