Strong Wrist Wraps by Sling Shot

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The Sling Shot Strong Wraps by Mark Bell are designed to be the strongest wraps on the market.

If you want the absolute best wraps available then look no further.

These are ultra-rigid and provide the highest level of support for your wrists in exercises like the bench press.military press and squat.

If you ever used a slingshot product then you know they don’t mess around with products.

This was designed with the strongest humans on the planet in mind. World record type of numbers really pushing the body to its absolute limits.

These utilise the same rigid material as the world record knee wraps which have been used on multiple occasions to squat over 1000lbs!

These wraps are ultra-tough and rigid for optimal wrist support and used by dozens of world class athletes.

If you have trouble with wrist pain or stability when pressing or squatting the try these Strong Wraps to stay tight and secure for better strength and pain free training.

This provides rigid support and compression to keep you stable and pain free.

Lifters such as Eric Spoto,Mark Bell,Mike Rashid and Dana Linn Bailey all use these.

Demand the best from your equipment. This is a purchase you will not regret. Use these once and feel the quality difference.

The velcro on these is strong and long lasting and they will last a long time.

As the saying goes-protect yourself before you wreck yourself.

Stay safe and injury free in the gym so you can keep training hard.

Sling Shot Strong Wraps are ideal for use in pressing movements such as bench press and overhead shoulder pressing.

They are also useful in squatting/front squatting. Our wrists tend to get compressed into flexion in this position so good wraps can be very useful for stability and injury prevention.

If you demand the best,get yourself a pair of the Sling Shot Gangsta Wraps.