Hip Circle Sport Pack by Sling Shot

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Slingshot Hip Circle Sport Pack Overview

1. What Is It? The Slingshot Hip Circle Sport Pack is a combination of 3 different Hip Circles.

2. How Do I Use It? These are placed around your thighs, above knees and around calves for ultimate tension.

3. How Much Does It Cost? This pack costs $79.95

Slingshot Hip Circle Sports Pack

Glutes are earned, not given. The original Slingshot Hip Circle was a revolution, not only for strength athletes but bodybuilders, sports athletes and just the general population alike.

The Slingshot Hip Circle Sports Pack is an expansion of the original Hip Circle range and contains 3 x Hip Circles in the pack, all to be used on different parts of the legs.

Glutes are the powerhouse muscle in the body and play a major role in athletic performance. The stronger your glutes the faster you will run, higher you will jump and better your overall athletic performance.

The Hip Circle is also great as an injury prevention tool. If you follow the instructions on the video above as a pre-exercise warm up, you will feel your glutes catch absolute fire and will be ready to dominate your training session.

These are also a great training tool if you are looking to grow your glutes. Use them alongside squats, glute-bridges, lunges, anything really and you will feel your glutes activate to a whole other level.

The beauty of the Slingshot Hip Circle Sports Pack allows you to use 3 different bands, all in different ways to target different parts of the hip and glutes and get the most out of this training

Size Guide

Size Weight
S/M Under 80kg
L/XL Over 80kg

Note: If you want greater tension, opt for a smaller size.

The Slingshot Hip Circle Sport Pack is suitable for all levels of athletes and is incredibly durable and will not snap during use like other cheaper bands on the market.