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Merica Labz

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Merica Labz is as patriotic as it gets!

The founders of Merica are rumoured to be direct decedents of George Washington himself. 

Big is never big enough and everything is done to a 'bigger is better' standard.

One look at the product formulas and you'll see these products are no joke.

Serving sizes are often double or triple the industry standard servings sizes to deliver maximum gains.

Born and bread in Washington DC Merica don't mess about when it comes to patriotism.

$1 from each and every bottle of Blood Sweat & Tears pre-workout is donated to veterans charities. Giving a little back from every unit from the Freedom in a bottle to those who sacrificed so much to protect it.

At present the Merica Labz range includes:

Patriots Whey: Some of the most ridiculous and delicious flavours like double stuffed, yosemite smores and fortuitous keepsakes. Each of these stupidly patriotic/amazing flavours features real edible pieces to make these flavours even more enjoyable.

Red, White & Boom!: High energy complete pre-workout to have you charged to demolish the most challenging workouts in the gym. Fully transparent labels and bigger is bette dosing mean performance is on point.

Stars & Pipes: Who doesn't love a patriotic pump in the gym? Take it solo for a late night arm pump or stack alongside your favourite stim based pre. 

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