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What is MTS Machine Whey?

MTS Machine Whey is a high quality whey protein blend.

No hype,no bs,just results-a famous quote from MTS creator Marc Lobliner.

This comprises a high biological value blend of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.

This makes for a powder that is high in protein but more importantly with be digested and absorbed well by the body.

This blend capitalise on whey proteins muscle building properties. It also takes advantage of the immune system benefits which are often overlooked in most proteins.

We highly recommend this product. The flavours are amazing,profile is great and it’s very versatile. If you had to choose just one protein powder to use all the time-this would be it. Whey is very similar in structure to human tissue. It is also naturally high in branched chain amino acids. These are essential for muscle repair and recovery.

Around training times in particular it is very advantages to have an easily digestible protein source.

By keeping MTS Machine Whey more natural and less processed the nutritional value of the product is maintained. This means you not only get a great protein but also the health benefits of dairy.

Keep your immune system strong and ensure quality intake of nutrients. This is designed to be the highest biological value. This means you get the best for your body.

No fillers,no maltodextrin just high quality whey protein specifically manufactured for MTS.

When it comes to quality MTS stands out from the crowd. They deliver the highest quality whey protein product that tastes amazing and you'll look forward to drinking every single day.


Mix 1 serve of MTS Whey in 300ml water in the morning with breakfast and again post-workout. This is also very versatile and great to use in cooking.


This is $109.95 and has 67 serves making it $1.64/serve.