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Musclesport International

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Musclesport International is an exclusive sports supplement line.

This isn't exactly common in an industry where most brands want there products to be in as many stores/locations as possible.

Musclesport on the other hand are quite selective with their partners to ensure their products are delivered to the customers with care.

Every product has hundreds of hours of development and testing before you see it available for purchase.

This brand has been designed to the luxury sports car of the supplement world. This is not a low cost,under-dosed collection of products.

Every product uses transparent labelling so you can see exactly what's in every single serve you're taking. 

Anyone can put together a formula for a given product such as a pre-workout. That doesn't mean it will be any good. Game changing products are created when a group of people with the right knowledge and tools put their heart & soul into creating the best possible brand/products.

This is exactly how Musclesports International came about. 

At present their product range includes:

Rhino Black 2.0



BCAA Revolution




Rhino Revolution


If you demand the best from your body you need the best possible supplements. 

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