Power Switch by Switch Nutrition

  • $49.95
  • $230.95

Switch Nutrition Power Switch Overview

1. What Is It? This is an Australian owned pre-workout supplement.

2. How Do I Use It? Take 1 serving during your workout.

3. How Much Does It Cost? This starts at $69.95 for 50 servings.

Are you looking for something to give you the edge in your training?

Switch Nutrition has come to the party and formulated a pre-workout that promises to deliver:

  • Incredible energy
  • Zoned-in mental focus
  • Skin-splitting pumps
  • Mood enhancement
  • Increased endurance

As with all Switch Nutrition products, it is naturally sweetened and contains zero sugar, soy, dairy, gluten & is vegan-friendly.

What's In It?

Being transparently labeled, we can tell you everything within Power Switch (per 2 scoops) such as the following key ingredients:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous 350mg - Popular central nervous system stimulant that boosts energy and is a mild thermogenic.
  • Dynamine™ 200mg - New, highly touted patented ingredient that packs a serious punch when it comes to energy, focus and mood enhancement.
  • Vaso-6™ 300mg - Potent vasodilator that boosts nitric oxide production in the body and causes serious pumps.
  • Beta Alanine 2000mg - Scientifically proven compound that helps to buffer the effects of fatiguing metabolic by-products.
  • Citrulline Malate 3000mg - Popular compound to boost pumps and nutrient delivery.

This is just a snapshot of some of the key ingredients, for a full break-down, check out the ingredient panel attached.

Who Should Use This?

Anybody who is looking for a new pre-workout or someone who wants the flexibility in a pre-workout to have 1 or 2 scoops.

Should I Use Anything Else For Best Results?

Switch Nutrition Power Switch works synergistically alongside Switch Nutrition Keto Switch to create an all-around, fat burning and health stack.