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Rivalus has been formulated with the highest quality products in mind.

Each product is produced in a GMP NSF certified facility and batch tested so you know you're getting the absolute quality products possible.

Rivalus was founded by Mike & TOny Costello, the people behind the worlds largest supplement company Optimum Nutrition.

With quality and safety in mind all Rivalus products are banned substance free and safe for sport. 

These have been designed for the highest performance athletes who demand the best from their bodies and need to pass stringent testing throughout the year.

They also used independent third party testing across all their products so you know you're getting exactly what's on the label.

No alterations,short cuts or cheap ingredients.

Effective formulas,efficacious dosing and the highest possible quality standards.

If you demand the best from your body then Rivalus supplements would be a great choice.

At present their range includes

Rival Whey: Lean whey protein blend with WPI,WPC and whey hydrolysate for a clean protein powder you can use anytime throughout the day including post-workout.

Clean Gainer: As the name suggest this is a high quality lean mass gainer loaded with quality carbohydrates & protein sources to fuel recovery and size.

Also coming soon are Powder Burn,Promasil,Last Meal,Steam,Post-Rx,Complx5 * Cre-Elite 5.

Why shop with Spartansuppz?

In short,because we care. Our goal is simple-help you reach your health & fitness goals faster. With that in mind we are to help whenever you need it so you get exactly what you need to suit YOUR goals.

You also receive same day dispatch on all orders placed before 3pm. We work fast to ensure you get your orders as fast as possible. Order today before 3pm and your order can be delivered as soon as tomorrow morning!

If you need some help choosing the best products to achieve your goals please feel free to contact our friendly team anytime via email,phone or social media.


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