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Redcon1 Boom Stick

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Redcon1 Boom Stick

1. What Is It? This is a completely natural testosterone boosting supplement.

2. How Do I Use It? Take 1 serving daily either first thing in the morning or before bed.

Boom Stick was designed to be the strongest and most complete test booster on the market and we feel they have achieved this.

No shortcuts were taken with this one.

Redcon1 have not taken the design of this product lightly and have developed one seriously well-dosed product. A single serve of this product is a huge 9 capsules. This might sound excessive, but when we actually breakdown what is in Boom Stick it is easy to see why so many capsules are needed.

What Are The Key Ingredients In Redcon1 Boom Stick?

  • D-Aspartic Acid 3120mg - Popular natural testosterone boosting ingredient. Stimulates the brain to release LH and increase fertility in men.
  • Ashwaganda Root Extract 1000mg - Powerful compound to help reduce cortisol and increase male fertility levels.
  • Tribulus Terrestris 750mg - Helps to increase libido (sex drive) and overall sense of well-being.
  • Fenugreek 600mg - Used for its ability to increase testosterone, Fenugreek also plays a role in regulating blood glucose.
  • DIM 250mg - Powerful natural anti-estrogen compound to increase free testosterone levels and promote a lean, dry look.

Full clinical dosing on ingredients means you get the maximum effect.

Testosterone is the key when it comes to building muscle mass. It increases strength, recovery, and ability to utilize protein in the body.

Redcon1 have set out to create one of the most comprehensive, if not the most comprehensive natural testosterone enhancing supplement on the market today.

You will feel stronger in the gym, more aggression when training and an increase in sex drive in the bedroom!

Should I Take Anything Else For Best Results?

To take your natural muscle gain to the next level, try adding Redcon1 Halo to your supplement program. This product is a little protein synthesis powerhouse to increase lean muscle and performance.

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Awesome Product

Taste is good, not too strong, perfect sized scoop


Redcon1 Halo

Epi test

This taste great and I will keep using it everyday and fast delivery

Great price very good product.

Thank you for the fast response cheers.


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