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ATP Science Pillars Of Health Stack

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What Is The ATP Science Pillars Of Health Stack?

The ATP Science Pillars Of Health Stack is a combination of the fundamental products from ATP Science that improve general health and performance.


Currently, it is a combination of the following products:


As we know, ATP Science are releasing another 2 products later in the year that will be added to this stack to complete the 4 pillars of health.


Gut health is one of the most talked about topics in the health and fitness industry as of late with science starting to show just how important it is for not only performance, but for general health as well.


ATP Science have tackled the issue of poor gut health with the use of  Modbiotics! Modbiotics are made up of a whole heap of polyphenols, lectins, glucans & polysaccharides that help swing back the balance of healthy gut flora.


The benefits of supplementing with ATP Science Gutright are:

  • Better ratio's of gut flora
  • Support immune system health
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase liver health
  • Reduce "leaky gut" symptoms
  • Improve cellular energy and mental clarity


ATP Science Multi Food is a 100% real food multi-vitamin supplement.


This product is long overdue but good things take this time which is certainly the case with this product.


Most multi-vitamins you find in the supermarket or chemist are actually fully synthetic and contain little to no real food sourced nutrients in them.


They still provide some benefit but you're not really getting what you body really wants-food!


Yes real food is exactly what the body is designed to function on best so there's no better source of vitamins and minerals than real food.



As with all ATP Science products there is a specific protocol to follow for optimal results. 


Take 3 teaspoons of ATP Science Gutright for 10 days, then 1 teaspoon daily for maintenance.


Be prepared for some interesting reactions from your body in the initial 10 days. Gutright will be fighting off certain bacterias that will need to excrete from your body. 

You may notice all sorts of horrible smells and extra visits to the toilet during these days, this is completely normal and just shows the product is going to work.


Take 3 capsules of ATP Science Multi Food first thing in the morning.

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