Afterpay Day 2020

It is here again! AfterPay Day 2020 is coming to Spartansuppz on August 20th & 21st. 


What Is AfterPay Day? 

AfterPay Day is your chance to use your favourite payment method and grab yourself a bargain. Retailers across the country are participating and we are no different. All your favourite supplement brands will be on sale with some at never-seen-before pricing. 

What Is AfterPay?

AfterPay is the king of buy-now-pay-later payment methods. The team has taken the old concept of lay-by and turned it on its head with them giving you the ability to actually get your goods, while paying them off over a period of time INTEREST FREE. When you place an order using AfterPay you will have the option of paying your items off over a 4 week period. You even have the ability to pay off your order  sooner by logging into your AfterPay app. 

What Brands Are On Sale During AfterPay Day? 

While we can't say exactly what our deals will be on the day, you can expect to see all your favourite brands below on sale:

What Dates Is The Sale?

AfterPay Day 2020 is running from Thursday August 20th until Friday August 21st. The sale will start at 12:01am on Thursday and go through until 11:59pm on Friday. 

Are There Any Special Terms & Conditions? 

The discounts on offer are exclusive on the day and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Purchases made with AfterPay are subject to the specific T&C's laid out by them. 

Will The Offer Be Available In Store? 

YES! Our deals that will be running can be found both online and in-store. Not all items that are online can be found in store however. 

How Do I Participate In AfterPay Day 2020?

Its simple, visit our site or in-store on August 21st and you will be able to participate. There is no pre-requisites or requirements (only that you need to have signed up to AfterPay if you wish to use that method).

Is There A Way To Find Out What The Deals On AfterPay Day Are In Advance?

The best way to find out in advance is to join our newsletter in advance. If you wish to have early access to see the deals, then sign up here: