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Arecoline Hydrobromide (Arcofuel)

Arecoline Hydrobromide Arcofuel

What is Arecoline Hydrobromide (Arcofuel)?

This is a naturally occurring faction of the betel nut widely used through India,Pakistan and Asia. Is it traditionally chewed for to provide a boost in mental stimulation. Arcofuel is a trademarked version of the arecoline hydrobromide. This can be found in a number of pre-workout supplements: Some studies have claimed betel nut can lead to cancers of the mouth. It is important to note this relates to chewing the nut,which is no association with the synthetically produced arecoline hydrobromide (arcofuel). With extreme consumption of any substance there will be side effects associated. To replicate the studies complete in mice the HED (human equivelant dose) would be 400-500mg 5 days a week for 80 years. After review from the FDA and TGA there has been no risk associated with this botanical extract.

What Does It Do?

This increases mental alertness,focus and improve mood. It also has potential to increase performance by increasing adrenaline response. This is becoming a common ingredient in high energy pre-workout supplements to improve performance.

How Do I Take It?

For performance benefits this is best taken 15-30 minutes pre-workout. A typical dose to increase performance is between 2-4mg. Like any stimulant it's best to start at the bottom end of the dosing to asses your tolerance and response. This is very fast acting and you'll feel it taking effect within 30 minutes. First time users may feel slightly edgy or anxious using Arcofuel. For this reason we'd recommend using a very low dose.

What Products Have This?

There are a number that contain the Arecoline Hydrobromide (Arcofuel). We'd recommend one of the following: As with any high energy product we'd suggest starting out with a half serve at first. These products all use the Arcofuel extract which is the highest quality source of arecoline hydrobromide. They all use the efficacious dose of the compound suggested for performance benefits.