Frank McGrath Big on a Budget

Big on a Budget: Frank McGrath Edition

Big on a Budget: Frank McGrath is a bodybuilding shopping challenge. Eat for a week for US$50. Everyone is on some sort of a budget and needs to stay on track while working towards achieving their goals.  

Highest Priority: Protein

This should be first on the list since it's the most expensive portion of your daily eating. Frank has opted for red meat in the form of ground beef 80/20. Not the leanest possible but very cost effective and great for building mass. Tuna: Another cost effective and convenient protein source. This doesn't require cooking, just pop the top and you're ready to go. Eggs: Quick,cost effective and very nutrient dense. A meal a day of eggs a day wth 30gm protein for $6. Not too bad at all. You could throw in a shake or two throughout the day to increase the protein content if you like as well. Big on a budget: Frank McGrath

Carbohydrates: Cheap and Plentiful

The good thing about carbohydrates are cheap and you'll make up some serious ground here. A bag of pasta with costs you under $1 for a weeks worth of meals. That's seriously cheap. Another go to carb source for bodybuilders is rice. Everyone has (and should) have eaten countless meals of chicken and rice. A 5lb bag costs $3.29 and will last you for 2 meals a day for over 2 weeks. Bagels are also a great option,taste great and provide a a ton of high quality carbohydrates.

Fats: The Forgotten Nutrient

Oils are a great option here. Not only can they be used for cooking but they can also be used to add to meals to increase healthy fat intake but also quality calories. If you struggle eating enough, then adding some healthy fats to your diet is a great option. One tablespoon of olive oil has the same calories as a cup of rice and is much more dense.

Tasty Taste:

Part of a off-season diet plan is a few little things that help keep you on track and eat clean most of the time. For Frank that means diet coke,baked beans and toast. Bodybuilding is a marathon,not a sprint. You need to stay the course and enjoy the process.   I hope you liked Big on a Budget: Frank McGrath,be sure to check out the other editions in the lifestyle section.