After a breakout year in the Australian market in 2015 Blackstone Labs has no plans of slowing down with new products,more flavours and exclusive lines for their supporters down under.

With the brains behind the brand Aaron Singerman and PJ Braun at the helm Blackstone Labs has quickly become one of the most popular hardcore brands in the industry.

With their breakout product Angel Dust Blackstone Labs let the world know they aren't here to mess about.

Since then we've seen the release of:

Dust V2 Pre-Workout Supplement

Cobra 6p Extreme Powder Fat Burning Supplement

Hype Nitric Oxide Supplement

Juiced Up Phytoformula & Greens Supplement

Apex Male Powder Testosterone Boosting Supplement

Resurgence All Day Amino Acid Supplement

Anesthetized Sleep Aid Supplement 

Blackstone Labs have no plans of slowing down in the Australian market this year.

They have a number of products confirmed for release throughout the year and it all starts very soon. The all new Hype V2 promises to be even better than the original for crazier pumps and perfect to stack alongside Dust V2.

Blackstone Labs Epi-Test

Blackstone are known for making some seriously potent hormonal supplements and this is no exception.

Epi-test uses a blend of concentrated estrogen blockers and testosterone boosters for powerful muscle building capacity.

This also features a monster 250mg epicatechin! A relatively new compound this has been getting rave reviews for its muscle building properties and crazy pumps!

Blackstone Labs 3-Whey

After the release of their high quality whey protein isolate Isolation  loyal followers have been asking for a blended protein.

Well it's happening this year! 3-Whey is a dessert like protein powder with 3 different protein sources to provide a sustained release of amino acids.

With flavours like vanilla peanut butter and cinnamon swirl you're in for a serious treat!

Blackstone Labs Hype V2

Hype is a non-stimulant pre-workout nitric oxide boosting supplement.

Don't get it twisted this is a very well put together product. However it has been over 12 months since this was formulated which is a lifetime in supplement terms.

Trojan Horse is a potent non-stimulant fat burning supplement. This has been designed for those who want a caffeine free fat burning solution but can also be stacked with a high energy fat burner such as Cobra 6p Extreme powder for even better results.

Blackstone don't settle when it comes to formula and strive to be the best. With that in mind expect to see an completely overhauled version of this popular pump based pre-workout coming in 2016.