Blackstone Labs Behind the Brand

Blackstone Labs started out with a single product designed to increase muscle,strength and recovery.

With such an overwhelming response to their products and thousands of testimonials from customers a brand was born.

Since that original product have dramatically increased their product range with a huge number of categories.

Blackstone Labs have built a reputation for developing innovative,cutting edge hardcore supplements that deliver results.

At present their range includes:

Dust V2 high energy pre-workout

Cobra 6p Extreme thermogenic fat burner

Epi-Test testosterone booster/anti-estrogen

Juiced Up phytoformula/greens formula

Anesthetized sleep aid

Formula 19 post-workout supplement

Apex Male testosterone booster

Resurgence all day amino acid

Hype nitric oxide booster

PCT V post-cycle therapy

Anogenin natural muscle builder

Epicat myo-statin inhibitor

Eradicate estrogen blocker

Gear Support health supplement

The range is ever evolving and there's even more on the cards for 2015 with Hype V2 and a non-stimulant night time fat burner.

Behind the Brand

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Blackstone Labs is headed up by CEO Aaron Singerman & President PJ Braun.The thing that really sets these guys apart from their rest is their social profile. Avid users of social media Aaron & PJ stay in touch with their customers and followers to bring to market what the people want.

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What's next for this dynamic brand?  

With such a great team behind them the sky is the limit.This is a company with a passion for bringing out the best products possible & delivery innovation. With that in mind you never know what to expect but you can be assured it'll be good! Expect to see the ever growing range of Blackstone Labs supplements Australia carried right here at 


This will include:

-New flavours of Dust V2 pre-workout: Black Lemonade & Cotton Candy

-New non-stim fat burner Trojan Horse.

-Powerful test booster/anti-estrogen Epi-Test.

-Updated pump formula Hype V2.


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