Your role at Spartansuppz?

"My role at Spartansuppz is managing the warehouse and that means i take care of all inbound orders from all of the suppliers around the world, that translates into making sure that you as the consumer gets your orders on time as you ordered them and in full."

2. What do you train for?

"So i train for strength and functionality, what this means is i do alot of compound movements, deadlifts, squats and overhead presses. I also like to throw in some plyometric and calisthenic based movements. Box jumps, pistol squats and gymnastic's rings work." 

3. How did you get into training?

"So i started weight training when i was about 13, I use to do gymnastics from a very young age, i just loved being active. I thought it was just another way i can push myself and i've just loved it ever since."

4. Top 3 supplement recommendations?

"My top 3 supplements would have to be Primeval Labs EAA max or EAA max energy, i'm not really good at drinking plain water so i love the flavour and the essential aminos you get from that, the next one would have to be juiced up which is phyto formula, gives me all the micro nutrients i need. Sort of just a really good general health supplement and lastly would have to be blackstone labs orthabolic, we put alot of stress on our joints during training and we dont always have time to commit to the necessary recover. So that just makes sure that everything is staying nice and fresh." 

5. Cheat meal-what's your go to?

My ideal cheatmeal would have to be a burger and fries from Brooklyn depo, its an American style burger join. Massive burgers really good sweet potato fries and the meals are huge. Im not a big sweet fan."

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