1. Your role at Spartansuppz?

"My role at Spartansuppz is basically to provide people with a service and help them choose the right products, i work in the Geelong and the Point Cook store. So not only do i help provide them with the right service and choose the right product, but i help with there diets, there training, help out with their macros and stuff like that. Giving them easier ways to work it out for themselves and become self-sufficient. So basically the easier something is, the more likely they are to stay on track and in the end you get better results from that."

2. What do you train for?

"I train for the physique purposes, so for my body composition and i just like to keep my body fat under 12% between 8-12%, so the high reps, high volume kind of training style.  I also like to mix it up with a bit of strength training and then just go between the two, so my goal for next year is to compete in a physique category in March."

3. How did you get into training?

"I started training through boxing, so competitively  i did boxing for just under 3 years. My fight weight was at 60kg and i was just feeling a little bit on the small side, so i started to do weights to just bulk up a little bit. Yeah once i started hitting the weights, i just decided i liked it that little bit more than boxing. Yeah and through boxing never looked back since."

4. Top 3 supplement recommendations?

"My top 3 supplement recommendations would be Hype Extreme, so its a pump formula and i just find that it works really well with my style of training. High volume and drop sets, it just really increasing the volume. My number 2 would be Intracell7, same thing its got the Cyclic Dextrin so it gives good pumps, helps shelve nutrients aswell, it also has Glycerol which helps with the pumps aswell and 5 grams of aminos which is always good to prevent canabolism and number 3 would be orthabolic, reason being i dont so much have any joint issues as such. I did to start with have some sort of niggle in my anterior delt and i took that and it completely fixed it in about 7-16 days. So now i just take it more of a sort of insurance. Like a preventative measure to just feel a lot stronger, feel a lot more sort of put together better when im using it, its a supplement that i cant really take out of my regime at the moment i guess."

5. Cheat meal-what's your go to?

"Yeah cheat meal i say would probably be Nando's, i like to to have Nando's an hour before training a really big body part like a chest and legs, just seem to have a lot of strength, a lot of pumps and stuff from the carbohydrates and sodium intake. Not something i would do all the time in mass quantities but once or twice a week doesn't hurt at all."

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