Cyborg Sport iBCAA Fusion Review

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Product Overview

iBCAA Fusion Review is a complete intra-workout amino acid supplement from Australian company Cyborg Sport. This is has been designed to enhance muscle recovery and performance while you train. It uses proven ratio and simple yet well put together formula to boost muscle growth and repair. Cyborg Sport is Australian owned and made and based in Queensland.


This is quite a simple product and only has a small handful of ingredients so let's break them down.

Cyborg Sport iBCAA Ingredients Branched chain amino acids have been used in a proven 2:1:1 ratio. Cyborg has also gone heavy on the dosing with 7000mg per serve. This means you get a full 3500mg of leucine. This is a proven dose and falls within the research 3-5gm required to achieve protein synthesis. That precise ratio and dose has been proven to be the most effective for turning your bodies anabolic switch on and rebuilding. Glutamine is next with 2500mg per serve. Dosing is good for an intra-workout purpose here. Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid however it is quite heavily depleted during training and can hinder your immune system. The additional here will help with boosting recovery and supporting immune system health. Last up in the iBCAA Fusion Review is carnitine. Cyborg Sport has used two forms in this blend. L-carnitine l-tartrate  (LCLT) which has been shown to decrease soreness after training and also assist in improving exercise performance with adequate dosing. Acetyl l-carnitine (ALCAR) has also been used in the blend. ALCAR is often seen in fat burning but also plays a role in energy production. It transports fatty acids to be used for energy and assists in mental focus during training.


iBCAA Fusion Review comes in raspberry,lemonade,pineapple,lemon lime and passionfruit. They're all great tasting and mix quite well considering the creatine. Being an Australian based brand Cyborg have done a great job making flavours that appeal to Aussie consumers with fresh,slightly lighter flavours.

Cyborg Sport iBCAA Fusion Review

This is a simple,yet very effective intra-workout supplement. It's use of proven ratios of amino acids along with some added extra to boost performance make it a great choice during training. For best results we'd recommend taking this alongside Rocket Fuel while you train. Buy Cyborg Sport Online