The Spartans Exercise Guide - below you will find a step by step guide for a variety of exercises you will use when training in the gym. Covering all of the major muscle groups if you ever need to learn how to complete a certain movement this is the place to visit.


Leg Exercise Guide                        Chest Exercise Guide

 Abdominals Exercise Guide                      SHOULDER Exercise Guide

Arms Exercise Guide                       Back exercise guide

                                    Recovery exercise guide

This "how to" guide includes exercises for: Lower Body, Chest, Shoulders, Back, Biceps, Triceps, Abdominals and Recovery.

Each exercise guide will take you through how to perform the movement, the main technique cues, which muscles are used, how to set up the equipment for the exercise and any issues to be aware of to prevent an injury from occurring.
Along with the article explaining the exercise you will find a video demonstration walking you through everything.
This exercise guide is perfect for the beginner who has never entered the gym, for someone who is just looking to refine their technique on a certain exercise or a regular gym goer chasing a new exercise to hit a certain muscle group.

You will find everything you need to complete your training session in this exercise guide.

To see these exercises used in combination for a complete workout check out the Spartans Workouts tab.