The Mr Olympia 2016 Lineup is out! And it looks like a seriously stacked lineup with reigning champion Phil Heath looking to make it six in a row.

However he has some stiff competition from competitors like Big Ramy and Dexter Jackson. Not to mention the infamous Kevin Levrone, as he returns to the biggest stage of them all at 50 years old. What kind of package can Kevin bring to the stage? And can he truely shake up the standings?

This year we do see the exclusion of IFBB pros Kai Greene and Branch Warren. How will their absence fair for the other pros with the spot for a place now even more tightly contested than ever!

Mr Olympia 2016 Featured Athletes

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Mr Olympia 2016 big-ramy-olympia-2016
kevin-levrone-olympia-2016 dallas-mccarver-olympia-2016


The 212lb Olympia is also set for another full on year. WIth reigning champion Flex Lewis looking to take how another title. However with Pros like Jose Raymond eyeing off top spot it will be interesting too see who can bring their best physique to the stage.

Mr Olympia 2016 Featured Athletes

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