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Great tasting and effective

I’ve been using this product for 2 weeks now along with 30 minute walking session up a mountain. I’ve noticed changes in my body already. Very happy

So happy to hear you're enjoying the ACTV8 Shred Murray! That's the ideal way to get the most out of it great work and thank you for the feedback

-Pat & the Spartans team

Rule one

Shipped reallt fast which is good. I like rule one protein i think the flavour and consistency is good. I think the “free” gift is kind of pointless and just more plastic stuff to throw in the bin. The bag is horrible material. I personally dont care for stickers. The shaker really is all you need to give as a free gift, it was a great size. However if youre getting a free shaker ever time you order a protein powder when you might not need one just contributes more plastic waste in the world.

Thanks Dannielle appreciate the feedback. Will keep that in mind for future gifts. We agree about the plastic so aim to rotate gifts and all shakers we make are 100% recyclable too :)

Maxines Burn Protein Powder

Thanks for the feedback Carolyn!

Amazing Support

I used this knee support after suffering a knee injury and the support it gave me was so good. I also wore it on the weekend for a powerlifting comp and it was stop on with support

Thanks so much for your review Skye! Glad to hear that your new knee sleeves treated you well - I'm sure you smashed your powerlifting comp!

Spartans Birthday Box
Atanas Janevski

Spartans Birthday Box

Hey Atanas,

Glad to hear you liked our Birthday Box

Spartans Protect - Shipping Insurance
Vijay Kodialbail (vvk74)
Supplements from Spartan

Great value, price and service!

Thanks Vjay!

Good for piece of mind

Haven’t had to claim though

Thanks Aaron, love to hear it mate!

Love it

Its the only protein powder Ive found thats clean and still tastes good enough to drink with water alone.

Hey Jane,

Thank you for your review! Rule 1 is a really well blended product!

Shipping insurance

Shipping insurance is great. Makes me not worry about if im going to receive my parcel or not :)

Thanks Dylan, love to hear it!

It’s very comfortable when lifting heavy weights has very good support for my back .

Thanks for the feedback Vita! So happy to hear you are loving your lifting belt

Turn up the heat !

Wow ! Make sure you’re prepared to sweat ! Because it sure does get you going. Great flavour. Passion Melon Punch. No Jitters . No hard crash.

Great feedback Aaron! Axe have done a great job on this product and we're wrapped to hear you're loving it. -Pat


Not a bad product for a old man getting back into shape

Thanks for the feedback Chris. Great product looking forward to hearing how you are finding it after a month or so using it. Thanks again for the review

Womens Mystery Top by Spartans Apparel | CLEARANCE
Vijay Kodialbail (vvk74)
Womens Mystery Top by Spartans Apparel

Top quality and service!

Hosstile Supplements Silo [9] Amino Acid

Thanks Fiona so happy to hear you're liking the Hosstile range


Very good!!

Thanks Jake! Can't go wrong with a 3D such a good pick me up :)

Great taste and texture

Nothing else compares! The flavour and consistency of the powder is amazing, no weird chalky feeling or bad aftertaste. Highly recommend.

Thanks Steph glad you like it! It's one of the teams favourites as well the profile is so good!

Recov Bi Peptides by Future Supplements

Thanks for the great feedback Tim so happy to hear you're enjoying the Recov product :)

Spartans Black Grande Shaker by Spartansuppz

Thanks Renee appreciate the review! :) -Pat

Axe and Sledge Seventh Gear Pre Workout

Thanks Danny happy to hear you're loving the Axe & Sledge range. -Pat


Good value for a excellent product

Thanks for the review Peter much appreciated :). -Pat

Best pre on the market

I’ve been using Total War for a few years now, never lets me down!

Hey Robert!

Thank you for your review. Absolute staple pre workout for a few of us at Spartansuppz.

Never lets us down!

Hybrid Nutrition ACTV8 Amino

Thanks for the great feedback Renee :) -Pat

Spartans Protect - Shipping Insurance

Happy boy

Thanks for your professional service keep up the good work

Hey Steve,

Happy to hear that we've made you a Happy Boy :)

Perfect towel

Nice material not fluffy or thready like other towels, perfect size. Would love more colour options!!

Hey Trilby! Thank you so much for your review!

We appreciate your comment and I have passed this onto our creative team!