What is Rule 1 R1 Protein?

Rule 1 R1 Protein is a fast-absorbing whey protein isolate.

How do I use Rule 1 R1 Protein?

This protein is designed for post-training or throughout the day.

Who is this for?
This protein is for anyone looking for an easy digesting, fast-acting protein shake.

Rule 1 R1 Protein is a high-quality whey protein isolate.

This is a super clean, high quality, fast-digesting protein powder designed to increase protein intake and boost recovery.

When it comes to getting bigger, faster, stronger or elevating recovery protein intake is one of the most important determining factors.

If you don't have sufficient protein intake in your diet you'll find it takes significantly longer to recover and DOMS last much longer as well.

These are the same people behind Optimum Nutrition so you know the quality and flavours are going to be amazing.

What Are The Key Ingredients In Rule 1 R1 Protein

R1 Protein uses just two main ingredients for this product.

The first of these is a whey protein isolate. This is considered the king of all protein powders and for good reason. Whey protein isolate (WPI) is naturally very high in protein and very low in carbohydrates and fat. This high protein nature also means it is naturally rich in branched-chain amino acids. These are the building blocks of muscle tissue and trigger the body to start building muscle again instead of breaking it down.

R1 Protein also uses whey protein hydrolysate in this protein powder blend. This is even faster digesting than regular WPI. This has ultra-small particles and gets into your system rapidly to start the repair and recovery process.

Being so low in carbohydrates this is also very low in lactose and light on the stomach.

This makes this the ideal at times throughout the day when our bodies need a fast-digesting protein source such as post-workout.

Why Take R1 Protein?

This product is perfectly suited for anyone looking to increase their daily protein intake. As it is ultra-filtered, it also makes a great choice for anyone who often experiences digestive upset from protein supplements.

When Do I Take Rule 1 R1 Protein?

For best results mix 1-2 scoops of Rule 1 R1 Protein in 400ml cold water first thing in the morning and again post-workout. This can also be taken before bed if you need to increase your daily protein intake.

Who Can Take R1 Protein?

This product is perfectly suited for anyone looking to increase their recovery or protein intake.

Should I Stack Anything With It For Best Results?
This is arguably the most important supplement you can take for muscle growth recovery to maximise strength gains you may want to supplement with a creatine also.


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