Easter is upon us! And our little Spartans bunny Zac has hidden eggs all over our website! 

There are 5 eggs hidden in categories and brands all across Spartansuppz.com!

Each egg is a freebie with purchase, so you can collect up to 5 freebie items with your purchase over the Easter weekend!

Want to join the fun?

1. Search Spartansuppz.com for hidden Easter Eggs.
2. When you find a hidden egg, add it to your cart.
3. Use the code Easter at checkout to get the hidden products for free!

* Please note: Minimum 1 product must be purchased to claim freebie items. For example, if you were purchasing Total War. Add Total War to your cart, and then add any freebie items you can find!


Are you looking for clues?

Well, you're in luck! Follow the clues to find each hidden egg below! 

Egg #1: An American supplement brand, known worldwide for its hardcore product range and spooky marketing...

Egg #2: A set of commandments you should follow...

Egg #3: This American brand is the sponsor of a well known Australian female icon...

Egg #4: The original hardcore bodybuilder brand...

Egg #5: Without a doubt the best apparel brand on Spartansuppz.com...


Shipping Information: All orders over the Easter weekend will be shipped our Tuesday 23rd.


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