buy now pay later with afterpay, SAME DAY dispatch + FREE SHIPPING OVER $99.95
buy now pay later with afterpay, SAME DAY dispatch + FREE SHIPPING OVER $99.95

Spartansuppz Rewards Program

Earn rewards as you shop Spartansuppz!

Welcome to the Spartans Crew!

You are just minutes away from earning rewards points to spend online at Spartansuppz. At Spartans, we are always striving to deliver the highest quality of customer service; and when it comes to rewarding our loyal customers like yourself, we make no exception.

We've developed this program as a big THANK YOU to you for being such an awesome supporter.

The program is super simple and you get rewarded from your very first purchase!

How To Earn Spartansuppz Rewards Points

1. Click the Spartans Loyalty tab on the side of any page to create a free member account.

2. For creating an account, you will automatically be credited 100 Spartan Points.

3. Spartan Points are earned on every single purchase!

As long as you are logged in you can click that tab to check your points anytime.

How To Spend Spartansuppz Rewards Points

1. Simply add you chosen items to cart and head to checkout.

2. Apply points to your purchase and your total will automatically update.


That's it! The more you shop, the more you are rewarded.

No locked items, no restrictions you can use your store credit towards whatever you like :)


    Got a question on the loyalty program? Shoot us an email :)