Spartansuppz Rewards Program

Earn rewards as you shop Spartansuppz!

Welcome to the Spartans Crew!

You are just minutes away from earning rewards points to spend both online and in-store at Spartansuppz. At Spartans, we are always striving to deliver the highest quality of customer service; and when it comes to rewarding our loyal customers like yourself, we make no exception.

On this page, you will learn the basics of how our Spartansuppz Rewards Program works, how you can earn points and more importantly, what reward you can claim. We've developed this program as a big THANK YOU to our customers both new and old, and see it as a way to give a little back.

Click the tiers below to see what you can claim on the Spartansuppz Rewards Program


How To Earn Spartansuppz Rewards Points

1. In the bottom left of the page click the "Earn Free Rewards" button.

2. Follow the prompts to create a free Spartansuppz member account.

3. For creating an account, you will automatically be credited 100 Spartan Points.

4. Add your products to cart, and follow the checkout prompts to purchase your products.

5. Your Spartan Points are automatically added to your account, ready to either spend on your next purchase or save up for bigger rewards as you continue to shop with Spartansuppz. You will also receive an email outlining how many points you currently have, and how far away you will be from claiming a reward.

How To Spend Spartansuppz Rewards Points

1. Click the "Earn Free Rewards" button in the bottom left of the screen.

2. Login to your Spartansuppz members account. 

3. Once logged in, click the "Spend Spartans Points" button.

4. Based on your points, you will have unlocked certain points, claim the reward by pressing the reward button.

5. Add a product from your reward category to your cart and proceed to checkout, where your reward product will be reduced by the reward discount.

For example: If you have unlocked the "Tier 1 Reward", click the reward button in the bottom left to have the discount code automatically applied at checkout. Proceed to the "Tier 1 Reward Collection" which is linked at the top of this page, and add any product in that category to your cart and it will be 100% free!

Key Information on The Spartansuppz Rewards Program

  • For every dollar you spend online, you earn 10 points ($1 = 10 Spartan Points).
  • Rewards can be earned through purchases, referrals, reviews and more! Click the "Earn Spartan Rewards" to find out all the ways you can earn points.
  • Online reward points are added to your account on immediately after purchase, so rewards are available on your next visit to
  • You will receive a notification email after purchase regarding how many points you have in your account, and what rewards you are able to claim.
  • You can claim your rewards item without purchasing any products, however shipping charges will occur.