What is Adrenal Switch?

Switch Nutrition have designed this product to address areas that are commonly overlooked with regards to fitness and our general health such as recovery. Recovery is so important when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Adrenal Switch has been brought to the market to help us optimise our recovery periods and allowing for deeper, more restful sleep.

Another factor taken into account when formulating this product is cortisol, this is the primary stress hormone which is important to have at times of high stress, however, having levels too high for too long prevent restful sleep, negatively impact mood and even reduce energy levels. Managing cortisol via ingredients such as Ashwagandha help bring our cortisol levels back in check.

Let's take a look at its ingredients and how they may be of benefit to us:

Key Ingredients:

  • Magnesium: Is a key mineral used throughout our bodies, used in protein creation, muscle contractions and many more, however over 75% of Aussies are deficient in it.
  • Ashwagandha: Natural herb that has been shown to lower cortisol, increase testosterone production & support recovery.

Final Thoughts
Adrenal Switch is a great tool for anyone and everyone wanting to get the most out of their training or simply get more out of their sleep.

Should I Take Anything Else with Adrenal Switch For Best Results?

If you are looking to cover all bases when it comes to improving overall health, then try adding Vitality Switch, a Greens and Superfood blend with a variety of health benefits.