Free Toning Supplement Plan

Ladies! Looking to tone up? Then you're in the right place! Our toning supplement plan has been designed to help you achieve your goals faster with hand picked supplements to fuel results.


Pre-Workout: Blackstone Labs Cobra 6p Extreme. This is going to be your fat burning pre-workout. It provides a great energy kick and will help you push harder in the gym. Training should be focused on resistance training to use muscle mass and increase metabolic rate.
Intra-Workout: Hybrid Nutrition Aminoade. This has everything you need to train and recover faster. Clinically dosed BCAA's,glutamine for immune support and electrolytes to keep you hydrated. It also tastes amazing!
Post-Workout: EHP Labs Oxywhey. A blended protein suitable anytime throughout the day. This will fuel muscle recovery and also keep you fuller for longer. Tastes amazing and is very versatile for use in cooking as well.



This covers pre,intra and post-workout supplements which will form the base of your toning supplement plan.


Basic health supplements we’d recommend for to not only fuel your goals but also stay healthy.

This features:

Blackstone Labs Juiced Up-a very complete phytoformula to provide your body with essential vitamins & minerals and improve digestive health. Juiced Up provides all of the benefits with a fraction of the carbohydrates and will keep you healthy on the inside.We all know how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables-but it's sometimes impractical and expensive. 1 serve every day for general health and digestion. This is going to be a mainstay in your toning supplement plan year round.

Optimum Nutrition Creatine: Many girls don't take creatine-but you should be. It helps fuel power for explosive lifting so you can stimulate more muscle tissue. This is your best friend when it comes to achieving that firm,toned look. Take 5gm 1 once a day, preferably in the morning with breakfast.