We know picking the right supplement to use can be confusing when it feels like every day there is a new brand or product saying they are the best. 

At Spartansuppz, we want to clear up the confusion and make sure you know exactly what some of the best products on the market are. The Spartans Approved Program has been designed to make it simple to choose the products that get our seal of approval. 

By picking a Spartans Approved product, you can be rest assured that the product will live up to your expectations, just like it does ours.

Supplements selected in this program are hand picked for their ability to meet the 3 strict criteria to qualify. Not every product makes it into this program, only the ones we believe to be the very best do. 

What Is The Criteria For A Spartans Approved Product?

For a product to qualify as Spartans Approved, it must meet and exceed the 3 following criteria:

  • The product is open label, transparent and features quality ingredients.
  • The product meets & exceeds desired effects
  • The product is used by the Spartansuppz Team & one that we would happily recommend

What Type Of Products Are Spartans Approved?

Spartans Approved products can be found in almost all categories. It goes without saying, but you will find Spartans Approved Pre-Workouts, Fat Burners, Protein Powders & More. 

If A Product Isn't Approved, Does That Mean It's Bad?

Absolutely not, at Spartansuppz, we carry some of the biggest and best brands from around the world. However, the Spartans Approved program only has a select number of spots available and not every single product can make the cut. 

How Does A Product Become Spartans Approved?

A product must meet the 3 specified criteria above to be considered for the program. However, the main determining factor for a Spartans Approved product is that our team must use & enjoy the product! If we aren't a fan of the product, then ethically we cannot recommend the product to you. Our ethics are everything and we will confidently stand by them. 

A Product Was Spartans Approved & Now It Isn't, Why's That?

Just like everyone, our preferences change over time. New products come in & other products disappear over time. The Spartans Approved Program is never set in stone and products will come in & out over time. 
If a product is no longer Spartans Approved, it doesn't mean that it no longer meets our high standards, it may just mean that our team are onto using another product.