Faction Labs 1000ml Disorder Bulge Shaker

Size: 1000ml

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Disorder Bulge 1000ml Shaker

A shaker is your most important accessory, a must for any gym goer! Being 100% BPA-free, you can trust that these are safe to use, are also highly durable and able to withstand day-to-day abuse in the gym. The generous 750-millilitre capacity is perfect for pre-workout, intra-workout amino and post-workout shakes!


  • Faction Labs branding
  • BPA Free
  • Perfect for mixing supplements
  • 1000ml capacity

Our Thoughts

Don't get caught out with no shaker when you mix up your next protein shake. The Faction Labs shaker is the perfect accessory to any good gym bag, ideal for mixing all of you supplements!

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