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Ykay by 13 Lives

Ykay by 13 Lives combines the latest cutting-edge ingredients to provide a complete nootropic solution with added muscle-building potential. Each serving contains Lions Mane & Cordyceps that in recent studies has been shown to boost cognitive function, reduce inflammation and reduce fatigue during physical activity. 13 Lives has included that natural myostatin inhibitor Epicatechin into Ykay to help support natural muscle growth without negatively impacting hormones.

Key Features

  • Promotes mental focus and improves cognition
  • Contains cutting edge nootropics
  • May promote muscle growth

Our Thoughts

When it comes to cutting edge formulas, 13 Lives are right on the edge. Ykay is an innovative product that can have great effects for promoting focus and improved cognition. Making it a great supplement for day to day usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is It?
Ykay is a combination of performance-enhancing mushroom extracts, combined with BHB ketones to enhance mental focus and cognition.

How Do I Use It?
Take 2 capsules with water 30 minutes prior to training.

Who Is This Best Suited To?
This product is ideal for those looking to enhance their training performance, without the side effects of caffeine.

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