Acetyl L Carnitine by Prana ON

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Acetyl L Carnitine by Prana ON

Acetyl L Carnitine by Prana ON is a potent amino acid commonly used for both its fat burning and brain-boosting benefits. Specifically, carnitine helps promote weight loss by transporting fatty acids into the body cells, creating fuel that can be burned during training.

Key Features

  • Provides mental focus
  • May support fat metabolism
  • May support weight loss

Our Thoughts

If your goal is weight loss, carnitine is a terrific supplement choice. This naturally occurring amino acid can help promote energy, focus and support fat loss while training. We recommend adding it into your pre workout shake.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
Acetyl L Carnitine is a non-stimulant amino acid that is used to help metabolise stubborn body fat.

How do I use it?
We recommend supplementing with 2-3g prior to training.

Who is this for?
L Carnitine is a great supplement for anyone looking to lose body fat, regardless of training experience.

What Are The Key Ingredients Found In Acetyl L Carnitine by Prana ON?
This product contains 100% Acetyl L Carnitine.

Why Take Acetyl L Carnitine?
There are lots of great reasons to supplement with L Carnitine, however, the main two reasons will be to promote weight loss, and to provide mental focus.

When Do I Take Acetyl L Carnitine?
For best results, we recommend taking 2-3g 10-20 minutes before training either with water, or mixed into a fruity drink.

Who Can Take Acetyl L Carnitine
Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in red meat and is suitable for all adults to take. However, if you are unsure about whether it is suitable for you, please consult with a doctor beforehand.

Should I Stack Anything With It For Best Results
Yes, we recommend stacking this with a lean whey protein isolate to retain muscle tissue when dieting.

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