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Hybrid Nutrition Actv8 Shred Performance Pack - Spartansuppz

Hybrid Nutrition Actv8 Shred Performance Pack


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The ACTV8 Shred performance pack is designed just for you ladies looking to tone up,look good and feel good.

Here’s what you get:


Complete fat burning supplement which attacks fat burning from all angles.

It utilises researched ingredients for proven results and performance.

Some of the highlights:

  • Clean energy: smooth and long lasting energy for hours
  • Mood enhancement: feel good while getting leaner
  • Increase metabolic rate for faster fat burning
  • Fat metabolisers: use more fat for energy

This is a feel good fat burning supplement you’ll look forward to taking.

The secret to losing stubborn body fat is to expend more calories than you take in.

ACTV8 Shred helps you do that with increased metabolic rate and higher fat metabolism.

You’ll also feel the mood and energy effects of this for a number of hours. No hunger pains-just a clean yet mild energy boost.

Along with all these great benefits for performance & weight loss, ACTV8 Shred also tastes delicious!


The Hybrid Nutrition Performance leggings were designed specifically for you ladies to train in comfort and style.

These fit like nothing else and move with your body making them ideal no matter what kind of training you’re doing.

The cotton/spandex blend means you get all of the comfort while being versatile enough as well.

Designed for maximum comfort they fit well and breathe easy.

Hitting the gym? No problem.

Grab yourself the ACTV8 Shred Performance Pack today.