All Natural Protein Brownie Mix by Muscle Nation

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Size: 300g
Flavour: Chocolate
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All Natural Protein Brownie Mix by Muscle Nation

Introducing Muscle Nation's brand new Brownie Mix! If you're a chocolate lover, but follow a strict diet in order to achieve your health and fitness goals, then is going to be perfect for you! Crafted with plant-based protein and no added dairy or gluten makes this cater to just about everyone! Coming it at only 100 calories per serve comprised of; 7g of protein, 2.5g of fat and 12.5g of carbs - you can enjoy this healthy treat without the risk of blowing out your calorie budget.


  • Plant-based protein
  • Only 100 calories per serve!
  • Delicious chocolate flavour
  • 7 grams of protein per serve

Our Thoughts

If you love chocolate and sweets, the All Natural Protein Brownie Mix from Muscle Nation is for you. These high protein, moderate calorie brownies are the perfect guilt free sweet treat ideal for in between meals or after dinner.

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