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APN Rapid Shred Fat Burning Stack


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What is the APN Rapid Shred Fat Burning Stack?

The APN Rapid Shred Fat Burning Stack is a combination of the following products:

APN Rapid Shred is a high energy fat loss supplement from Athletic Performance Nutrition.

This has been designed to prime your body for fast fat burning while increasing energy levels so you feel good doing it.

Dropping the last few kilos can be tough, but Rapid Shred is here to help.


L-Carnitine L-Tartrate: This increases the bodies ability to supply the working muscle with oxygen and energy.This also assists with boosting muscular endurance.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid CLA: An omega 6 fatty acid CLA is very popular for fat loss as it inhibits the size of the cells to inhibit fat storage. These fat cells can then be transported to the mitochondria where they're burned for energy.

L-Taurine: Promotes mental focus and endurance.

Raspberry Keytones: Work to increase the fat loss effects of caffeine without the side effect of any jitters of crashes.

Green Coffee Bean: A source of natural caffeine for boosting energy/CNS stimulation this ingredient is also excellent for maintaining stable blood glucose levels.

African Wild Mango: One of the most popular fat burning ingredients this is powerful thermogenic and also helps with stabilising blood glucose levels.

Caffeine Anhydrous: Increase energy levels,boost focus and elevate calorie expenditure especially during exercise.

Amperall: Powerful stimulant to boost mental focus and alertness.

Higenamine: Concentrated stimulant for increasing calorie output throughout the day.

Hybrid Nutrition ALCAR is pure Acetyl L Carnitine. This raw ingredient helps to transport fatty acids and use them as an energy source. This essentially promotes your body to use fat as fuel, rather then storing it. 

Acetyl L Carnitine is also great at boosting mental focus & concentration leading to more effective workouts.


For best results mix 1 serve of APN Rapid Shred in 400ml water first thing in the morning. An additional serve can be taken in the early afternoon once tolerance has been assessed.

Mix 1 serve of Hybrid Nutrition ALCAR in every serve of your Rapid Shred.

WARNING: We would recommend starting out with half a serve of this product to asses your tolerance before going up to a full serve.


This is $109.95 and has 110 serves making it $1.00/serve.


If you are looking to create a 24hr fat burning environment, try adding Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse to this stack. This non stimulant based fat burner will send your metabolic rate into over drive and is perfect to have before going to bed. 

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