APTech Glutamine MSM

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APTech Glutamine MSM

APTech Glutamine MSM is a plant based amino acid blend designed for post-workout recovery.

This has been designed to be an internal and external tissue recovery product.

It uses a combination of plant sourced glutamine and MSM for a blend that heals you inside and out.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body and plays a vital role in protein synthesis,recovery and immune health.

Supplementing with glutamine has been shown to improve the rate of protein synthesis which means faster muscle recovery.

The other important role glutamine has is in immune system function. When we train we not only break down our muscle tissues but we also push our bodies in other areas.

Hard training can often put extra stress on the body.

Supplementing with glutamine post-workout is ideal for muscle & immune system recovery.

APTech Glutamine MSM also has 500mg of methylsulfonylmethane. This is improves collagen product,joint flexibility/strength and also helps strengthen skin and nails.

While we're in the gym we do as much damage to our joints as we do to our muscles.

Just like to replenish our muscles with a protein shake post-workout it's important to provide our bodies with the materials it needs for joint health.

The best thing about this product?

The flavour! These flavours will have you drinking it all day and you'll never get tired of these fresh,summery flavours.

Being Australian made and owned these flavours are light and refreshing and very well suited to the Australian pallet.

APTech is Australian made & owned with a focus on creating simple,effective supplements to help you get better results in your training and diet program.


For best results mix 1 serve (2 scoops) of APTech Glutamine MSM in 400ml water immediatelypost-workout. This could also be stacked intra-workout with your favourite BCAA product.


This is $64.95 and has 75 serves making it 0.86/serve.


This is perfect to stack alongside APTech Hydro BCAA for a complete intra-workout recovery combo. When combined with APTech Glutamine MSM you have everything you need to grow & recover while you train.

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